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Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.

August 10th, 2019

TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.
Jed Shlackman

Our August meeting will be at Tropical Park - we'll meet first at the parking lot
near the dog park on the north side of the lake near SW 56th Street.

For this month we will be using our dowsing skills and intention to help bless the waters in support of a ceremony being done in the Everglades at 2pm on Saturday. Our meeting begins at 1pm at Tropical Park. Even if you can't attend our meeting you are invited to hold prayer/intention for sharing/radiating peace, love, harmony, and joy with the waters wherever you are.

Love The Everglades Water Prayer Ceremony at Flamingo, Everglades National Park

Join Me Next Saturday: a spiritually-oriented direct action completes a 4-year ceremonial commitment which integrates the waters of the Greater Everglades.

The practitioners have followed the flow of the watershed by conducting prayerful ceremonies at locations throughout: Year 1, Kissimmee River; Year 2, Lake Okeechobee; Year 3, Big Cypress Forest; and (with this event) Year 4, Florida Bay.

This series of spiritual actions uphold the principles of indigenous knowledge and life ways as they are encapsulated in the teachings and format of these ceremonies. We invite you to contribute to these intentions by joining in prayer from wherever you are, or you can join the event at Everglades National Park at the Flamingo Visitor Center.
For more info: +1 (305) 200-9531.

Water Prayer for South Florida

Flamingo Visitor Center In Everglades National Park

When our monthly dowsing group meets at different places or homes, we dowse an analysis of the host's location.

Each of us will analyze and provide a solution for the host's location to mitigate:

Geopathic stresses
Earth energetics
Radio frequency disturbances
Whatever you would like to share/focus on

Each person will explain their approach and solutions... explain what was done, the results, and how to implement a "cure."

The host is responsible for recording each person’s analysis and solutions. A micro recorder might be a helpful start to putting the results to paper.

You may use any protocol. This will be an opportunity to become more proficient in your current skills, as well as to learn from one another.

Participation at all levels is encouraged, however, newbies may want to observe and learn before presenting. Everyone is encouraged to take written notes or make a video recording of the activities so you can review it between meetings and update your skills.

If anyone needs copies of Diamond Dowsing DVDs for review, please contact Jed (305.926.9611) or Deborah Raskin (786-877-7690)

Anyone looking for tips or guidance for choosing a protocol can contact another member for assistance. Internet offerings are another option.

Please bring your dowsing instruments, charts, pendulums,
rods, bobbers, etc., a notebook and pen.

Be ready to explore!


RSVPs: Jed


Anyone can learn to dowse as long as you have a dedicated interest and a true desire to succeed. It is an acquired skill with proficiency gained through practice and experience. The number of things 'dowsable' is infinite. The dowsing language enables us to access information on any subject, anywhere and at anytime.

We have extra dowsing tools that you may use. Hope to see you there!

What determines which levels of guidance is there for us, and what determines the particular guides we have?

Guidance Sources Include:

Other People
Non-Human Sources
Groups, group soul paths and karma
Shadow Guides

Levels of Guidance:

1. Etheric level
2. Astral
3. The Mental Level
4. The Higher Mental and Soul Level
5. Higher Sources of Guidance


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