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Robert Barnes is a local Architect developing a new way of perceiving our social and political needs for community. The employment of the “Dialogue Ring” is at the center of this new concept for civilization. Robert is in the process of publishing his first book which will explain the chaos of today’s polarity in our society and how we will bring coherence to our lives in the future.   


Many of us seeking our true soul mission here on earth are constantly seeking new ways to participate and communicate through interaction with others.  For those of us which have taken the time to study “The Course of Miracles” where we really become familiar with our own ego’s interference with our true reality or have marveled at the beauty of bliss that comes with the reflection of Abraham-Hicks teachings, the dialogue ring is truly an instrument to bring our potentials into our physical realities.

The evolved human experience can be described in this way.  If we see ourselves as a dolphin living in a family in our environment, we are constantly swimming in unison with our immediate family and at times in very large families.  We would be in constant harmony with our school or family moving in unison.  When we jump out of the water as dolphins do, we would be experiencing life in a singular manner being in a more “I” consciousness.

In our human experience we live in the state of ego most of our waking hours.  If we are aware we would see this state of mind leaves us vulnerable to constant manipulation.  The well known movie”The Matrix” expresses how when we are in our state of ego scrambling to survive in our complex world, we are bombarded by multi sensory stimulations of all kinds which control our every move.  Mind control has been with us for as long as society has existed.  Today in our multi-media world of capitalism we are controlled at a very high and refined level.  The main element of this control is due to a time-space continuum where we cannot slow down long enough to be aware of all that is going on around us.

How do we take control over our lives and gain back our awareness?

When we learn to have dialogue with our fellow human partners we create a state of ease and respect that tends to feel similar to that state of relaxation which we experience on a laid back vacation.  Imagine being out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of our nuclear life sitting around a camp fire staring at the stars.  While in this state of feeling and being in dialogue with a ring of others we develop awareness far beyond a typical discussion or conversation.  Speaking in turn, trusting while not holding the fears associated with needing to convince or persuade anyone feels like a great burden has lifted from us.

With a seasoned group of dialoguers, it is possible to create a Zen-like state of communication, channeling from the matrix of human thought and reaching a higher state of understanding of ourselves and our living state on earth and the cosmos.         

High quality dialogue is perhaps the most important factor in developing the capacity for wise democratic self-organization. Civilization is evolving rapidly, although not very consciously. Conscious evolution is aware, informed, intentional, responsive and wise, manifests in diverse ways that reflect wholeness, such as the integration of our heads and our hearts, the wisdom of spirit and nature, the collective intelligence of groups, communities and whole societies and much more.


  1. The first portion of a dialogue ring is our facilitator expressing the universal laws of oneness of dialogue.  Trust, Respect and recognition of our own egos. 
    15 to 20 minutes

  2. This is followed by an opening round of dialogue on whatever we individually bring to the ring of our daily events or concerns. 
    30 to 45 minutes

  3. Introduction by the facilitator of a specific topic of concern which came out of the opening round or previously advertised.                                                                                                    
    30 to 45 minutes
  4. Ending review of experiences                                                                                            
    15 minutes


I have never had such pleasure in speaking with others as I had in tonight’s dialogue ring.

There is a point in time during the dialogue ring session where the discussion took on a state of oneness of being of our group.  Our conversation became the whole of all of us where the individual ego was left behind.  I realized that my opinion is no more important than others and I now feel as if I am more connected with my dialogue friends.

There is chanting meditation, Zen meditation, walking meditation and this is a mindfull, talking meditation. Dialoguing has had a profound effect on me. The energy seemed to build and build, the ego quieted down and peace settled into the room as we all began to "download" higher wisdom from the cosmos. It felt like channeling. Deep communication and bonding happened - and my heart opened up wide.

My inner child feels safe to speak, the whole group is listening.

Bonding is a result of the Dialogue Ring.

The silence which surrounds us frames the speaker in respect.

Learning how to be in community with your heart


A Dialogue Ring is a special kind of verbal interaction employing a distinctive style to achieve mutual understanding and mutual trust and respect. Traditional dialogue models usually focus on raising consciousness to achieve a decision or resolve an issue, but tend to ignore an important middle stage between awareness and resolution because of the time investment required, the emotions it evokes, and the skills needed to counter resistance to change. As a result, issues can persist and remain stuck for months, years or decades.

A Dialogue Ring is the middle stage, which allows people to connect at a deeper level, yielding specific benefits and results such as the following:

•       Disperses lack of trust and creates a climate of good faith
•       Breaks through negative stereotypes, revealing participants' common humanity
•       Shifts the focus from impersonal to personal, creating community
•       Makes participants more understanding of one another even when they disagree
•       Helps bridge subcultures and clarify value conflicts
•       Expands the number of people committed to the process
•       Brings out the best rather than the worst in people

Quality dialogue arises out of and nurtures wholeness, and has many applications in the world. The primacy of dialogue suggests that nurturing quality public conversations about moral issues among diverse moral perspectives is a highly moral act. The process of dialogue developes wisdom as the capacity to appreciate the wholeness of life with an expanded, deepened perspective  and to act on that appreciation to produce long-term common good, or useful lessons. Most phenomena normally associated with wisdom (compassion, humility, insight, etc.) are embraced by this view. Most importantly, wisdom in theory includes the expansion of perspective and co-creativity that's possible through dialogue among diverse people or viewpoints. This is a major foundation for a wise democracy.  Dialogue offers  abundant principles, insights and tools to help communities that want to build their quality of life, their sustainabilty, and their ability to address their problems wisely.


There are specific requirements for all individuals that participate in the ring of dialogue. It is important for us to honor and follow these rules to allow for a democratic healthy outcome. The following elements are important in this process.

  • Opinions are not part of the dialogue process; this brings friction to others as they process one’s comments.

  • Assumptions bring a fixed view of one’s views

  • Persuasion is not allowed during the dialogue process because it comes from an ego position of authority and all members are equal.

  • Individuals speak only for a brief moment or two recognizing that all members have a responsibility to speak for an equal amount of time designated by the facilitator.

  • One on one discussion is forbidden for it excludes the other members from the discussion and creates polarity in our relationships.

  • All members must participate in dialogue, those that find speaking easy must refrain from capitalizing on dialogue and those that do not like to speak must participate to their fullest responsibility.


Robert Barnes may be contacted at 786 295 7852 or




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