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2014 - 2017

Our group met at Coral Castle in January 2017 from 4 to 6 pm. The vibes were very measurable, even without our pendulums and rods.

miami dowsers at coral castle

miami dowsers

miami dowsers at coral castle

miami dowsers at coral castle

miami dowsers at coral castle

miami dowsers at coral castle

For our April 2015 meeting, our group gathered at Robert's farm. Robert, who is the founding father of our Dowsers' group, gave a very interesting and informative talk about Radiesthesia, which is the basis for all dowsing.

Radiesthesia is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using man's sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. All living systems are made up of a series of multidimensional energy fields. He discussed the various dowsing tools which are used as indicators to measure minute vibrational interactions between those energy fields.

Then we all went out on the land to locate and measure the various vortexes with our pendulums.

Afterwards, we had a great feast and then sat outside by the fire. Wonderful time! Many thanks to Robert, his expertise and use of his land!

Robert Barnes

dowsing group

dowsing group

dowsing group

dowsing group


Map Dowsing Project of July 2014

The Safari Edventure has asked us to find water on their land. Here is a map found on google and outlined so you could better see the exact area. The address is 23700 SW 142 Avenue, Homestead, FL if you would like to get your own map. Bring your results to the next meeting. We will arrange to go there and check our results at a later date.

Click here to download a larger image.

dowsing project


Coral Castle Dowsing Workshops

Check back as we are planning another visit.

Coral Castle dowsing workshop

Dowsers group

Orbs at Coral Castle
Orbs at Coral Castle
Click on the pictures for a larger view.

We have had two dowsing workshops at Coral Castle. These workshops allowed our members to build their dowsing skill in a variety of ways in an energetically active environment. Coral Castle is ideally suited for dowsing workshops. There are very strong earth energy lines there that can be felt even by the novice. There are also a multitude of earth energy lines (including a vortex) that are concentrated in such a small area.  This is ideal because it allows for a wide range of energies that we can work with in a short period of time. There are also numerous discarnate spirits (ghosts) at Coral Castle, and these energies can be dowsed as well.

In the first workshop, led by Steve Jacobson, we were taught how to sense energies with our hands, and then dowse for those same energies with dowsing tools. Because of the wide variety of energies at Coral Castle, we were able to sense and dowse energies that included grids, ley lines, a vortex, and spirit energies  In the final exercise, we were told to go to a specific place at the Castle, and sense (and dowse) for whatever energies we could find, and then describe those energies. There was a spirit in the place we went and most of the group described it perfectly.

The second workshop, run by Robert Barnes and Steve Jacobson, consisted of mapping the energy lines of the Castle. The group was divided into teams, and each team mapped a portion of the Castle and grounds. When this was done, we put together a rudimentary map of some of the energy lines.  We will continue this effort when we can get a scaled map of the Castle.

The daytime pictures show the team members at Coral Castle. The two night pictures are known as paranormal photos and show “orbs”. The orbs are the round white (or light) wheel-like objects and are generally thought to show the location of a discarnate spirit (ghost).

The two paranormal pictures were taken by Steve Jacobson, the others by Sushila Oliphant.


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